Un BEEP par minute

La première fois qu’on a vu Christophe Terlinden tous les trois en même temps, c’était sur une photographie prise le soir de la première ouverture du Coffre Fort le 21 décembre 2012. La photo est prise de l’intérieur du coffre, il est sur le seuil, il porte un blouson chromé, il boit une canette de bière pendant que Thibaut lui parle avec un bras en l’air. CLIC.

Quelques temps après, nous avions rendez-vous chez lui et je me souviens que nous avons eu du mal à trouver sa maison. Assis dans la cuisine, c’est la première fois que nous avons entendu la voix de son fils quand Christophe nous a fait écouter BEEP.

Et puis, pendant quelques mois, on a oublié BEEP. Comme on peut l’oublier complètement le temps d’une minute et sursauter presque quand il raisonne à nouveau. Je me souviens que Terlinden nous avait dit que ça n’a rien à voir quand on l’entend dans la cuisine ou bien dans une église par exemple.

Le 19 décembre, c’est dans le Coffre Fort que raisonnera la voix de Marcel Terlinden, dix ans, qui dit BEEP.

Le soir des un an moins deux jour de l’Artists Club Coffre Fort.



On the 21st of December 2012 Christophe Terlinden came to the opening of our Coffre-Fort, wearing a flashy silver jacket and while Thibaut was passionately talking to him about our new club space, affinity for weird objects and future exhibition plans Gregoire took a snap shot of the two of them in front of the vault. I haven’t met Christophe that evening but some days later the three of us looked over the photos from the party and we all thought he wore the best costume of the evening. The boys already knew some of his work so they proposed we should check out his website and possibly make a studio visit.
It turned out Christoph was also already thinking of our goofy space and the story continued with the Artists Club meeting the artist at his previous apartment / studio in the center of the city some months later where he had shown us his proposed piece for the exhibition.

One evening while working on another artwork Christophe played with his son Marcel and asked him to pronounce the word beep a couple of times while he was recording the sound. Later he would cut the recording on separate beeps and add a minute of silence between sixty of them.
The proposal for the exhibition at the Coffre-Fort was the one-hour sound piece called Beep.

The same way as the beeps appear and disappear again and again the exhibition of Christophe would pop up in conversations between the three of us but it is only on the occasion of the 1st birthday of the Coffre-Fort that we all agree his Beep fits perfectly within the context of this annual occasion.

On the 19th of December 2013 Christophe Terlinden will turn the Coffre-Fort into a semi-underground boom box and by doing so, the exhibition space will finally find a beep it was looking for since last December.
In case some of you are still looking for yours, as it is a custom in this holidays season period + we all seem to be obsessed with material, we have prepared a small affordable edition of flash drives containing Marcel’s Beeps.



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